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Understanding the Over/Under Bet in Soccer in 5 Minutes

Tai Xiu is one of the most popular bets in soccer betting today. So, do you really understand what Tai Xiu bet is, and how this bet is calculated? In the following article, let's explore pro soccer tips in soccer in just 5 minutes with Wintips.

What is Over/Under Bet?

Tai Xiu bet has 2 cases: Tai (Over) and Xiu (Under), also known as Over/Under bet, which is a familiar type of bet in soccer betting. Players can bet on whether the outcome will be higher or lower than a certain number.

Most online sports betting services, football betting, casinos, etc., offer this type of betting. In sports betting, bookmakers will display the odds for Over and Under through the total goals scored, the total number of cards drawn, the total number of corner kicks, etc.

To play Tai Xiu, you need to understand the rules. Typically, after the bookmakers provide the odds for matches, the player's task is to choose a number higher or lower than the bookmaker's number.

What is Tai Xiu in Soccer?

In addition to traditional handicap bets in soccer betting, players also rely on the total number of goals scored in the match, the total number of fouls, the total number of throw-ins, corner kicks, etc., so Over/Under betting is diverse and can apply to many different odds.

For example: betting on a score of 2-1, the total goals are 3, 3-2, the total goals are 5... When betting more or less, you don't have to worry about which team will score, but you have to bet on whether the total number of goals of both teams will be lower or higher than the odds set by the bookmaker.

For instance, in a match with a Tai Xiu of 2 goals:

If you bet Over (O), you think there will be more than 2 goals scored.

If you choose Under (U), you bet that there will be less than 2 goals scored.

If the match ends with exactly 2 goals, whether you bet Over or Under, you neither win nor lose, and the bookmaker will refund your bet.

When betting on Tai Xiu, you don't need to care about which team is strong or who wins; you just need to focus on betting on the total score of both teams being below or above the given odds.

An important note is that the number of goals is only counted in the official 90 minutes of play. Injury time, extra time, and penalty shootouts are not counted. To add more diversity, many bookmakers nowadays also offer Over/Under betting for the first half, second half, or any minute of the match.

How to Calculate Tai Xiu Odds

To understand how to play Tai Xiu bet in soccer, you need to know how to read the odds. Typically, bookmakers offer different odds for each match. These numbers can be: 2, 2.5, 2.5-3, 3... So how do you read these odds? Let me explain below:

Tai Xiu Odds of 1.5 Goals (1:1/2 or 1.5)

Usually used for every half, first half, second half, or even the entire match (often noted as 1 1/2 or 1.5), there will be 2 cases:

If there is 1 goal scored or no goals, whoever bets Under will win.

If there are 2 or more goals scored, whoever bets Over will win.

Tai Xiu Odds of 1.75 Goals (1.75 or 1.5–2)

The remaining Over/Under odds of 1:3/4 or 1.75 or 1.5–2) will have the following odds:

In a match with a total number of goals or no goals scored, the Under team wins. If the total goals are 2, the Under team loses half the bet.

If there are 3 or more goals scored, the Over team wins. If there are 2 goals scored, the Over team also loses half the bet.

Tai Xiu Odds of 2 Goals

There are also 2 remaining probability cases for odds of 2 as follows:

If the total number of goals in the match is 2 or less, the Under team wins.

If there are 3 or more goals scored, the Over team wins.

Tai Xiu Odds of 2.25 Goals (2-2.5 or 2.25)

For this odds difference, the following will occur:

If the match result is 1 goal or no goals scored, the Under team wins. If there are 2 goals scored, the Under team wins half.

If there are 3 or more goals scored, the Over team wins. If there are 2 goals scored, the Over team loses half.

Tai Xiu Odds of 3 Goals

The remaining Over/Under odds of 3 mean:

In this match with a total of 3 goals scored, both Over and Under bets are returned.

In matches with fewer than 3 goals scored, the Under team wins.

In matches with more than 3 goals scored, the Over team wins.

Understanding Tai Xiu betting in soccer is essential for making informed betting decisions. By grasping the concept and odds calculations, you can enhance your chances of success in soccer betting.

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Things to Know When Playing Over/Under Bet

After understanding what Over/Under bet is in football, players should be aware of the following points to catch accurate bets:

Choose a reputable bookmaker

A reputable bookmaker not only provides excellent entertainment experience but also ensures safety and transparency in the reward process. To start participating in online betting and specifically Over/Under betting, you need to create an account to directly perform all operations and transactions without the need for any intermediary. Bonuses will be credited directly to your account. Additionally, players can participate in various promotional programs such as free bets, refunds, loss insurance, bonuses, and many other attractive offers at bookmakers.

Select matches with suitable odds

The next consideration is to choose matches with odds that match your capital. Some odds you can refer to are 1.0, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, 2.0. Moreover, you can also choose matches with Over odds, but if the potential winnings are significant, reconsider your decision. Furthermore, which odds to participate in depends on each person's playing style and capital.

Be wary of matches with constantly changing odds

Players should assess the situation 2-3 days before the match. If the odds keep changing continuously, even close to the match time, it's best to refrain from betting. Instead, opt for stable odds to be proactive in any situation.

Refer to analysis and predictions from experts

To catch accurate bets, players can refer to analytical articles and predictions from reputable bookmakers or sports websites. This is a useful source of information to boost your confidence in betting.

The above are the insights betting tips vip app from Wintips regarding the concept of Over/Under bets in football and how to read Over/Under odds. Wish you confidence in catching accurate bets and winning big at reputable bookmakers.


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